19 April 2008

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesay: Sickness strikes.

My dad and I visited the Lizzie Borden house in Fall Rivers, MA which was pretty awesome, and then we drove over to Cape Cod. In my opinion, the Oregon coast is much more picturesque and interesting. Maybe it's better in the summer... Oh, and we also went to Plymouth, MA but we couldn't see the famous rock. Mildly depressing, I know.
Wow, that is one tilted picture. Oh well, I'm way too lazy to fix it right now...

I was so sick! I just stayed in bed for a majority of the day, trying to fight the horrible fever I had. I then got to tour an aircraft parts shop and I saw their awesome plasma-ceramic machine. It was pretty sweet. Mostly, I was just horrifically sick and in pain.

Whoo! Another MIT drive-by! Traffic was once again crazy so we couldn't stop. So, off to the airport it was for several hours of waiting and another nonstop back home!

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