19 April 2008

Sunday: Do I really have to leave?

It was so depressing to have to leave MIT. Really really really depressing. I know I'll be there in August, but I really didn't want to leave and go back home. I'd rather be there NOW.

My final day at MIT was spent packing my things, checking out and getting coffee. Oh, and I had to try not to buy everything in the Coop (I could have worn something with MIT on it head-to-toe!) so that the whole world would know that I was going to MIT.

Things I Learned at MIT:
1. People actually care about baseball in New England.
This is rare in the Northwest. Really rare. It was strange.

2. People use umbrellas.
Also rare where I'm from. It was drizzling at one point and I saw a whole campus tour group using umbrellas. I was sitting out in front of the Student Center without a hood or umbrella. It made me laugh a tiny bit...

3. La Verde's salad bar is amazing.
They have baby spinach leaves! Yea!

4. I really really really want to go to MIT.
I am so excited now (I mean, I was before, but now it's off the charts) and August seems a century away. It's going to be amazing!

I learned a lot more than all of that, but this is really just what I remembered.

And of course, the obligatory picture in front of the big dome... With my usual cup of coffee.--

Luckily I was able to sleep on the way to Connecticut in the afternoon. My dad had some business down in New London (Yes! The city involved in the Eminent Domain case that made it to the Supreme Court!) and I was out like a light before we even got out of Massachusetts.
This is what they call a beach in Connecticut. It was pretty crappy. Freakin' New London.


Michael said...

The blog was amazing until you mentioned New London.

I did Lincoln-Douglass debate in high school and there was an Eminent Domain case that I had to debate and it was centered entirely around New London. I hate that freaking place.

KelseyK said...

For our debate contest in FFA there was a topic that dealt with Eminent Domain, and I was not a huge fan of the New London case. The town itself makes me hate it even more - it is truly a horrible place!