19 April 2008

Saturday: A day of epic proportions.

I actually woke up at a normal time according to Tess - 10 AM. We headed into Boston with her host to go shopping. Dress shopping at Anthropolgie and then shopping at the mall, which is called the Pru (a.k.a. the Prudential Center. I guess it's just called the Pru...?). After hiking across the Harvard Bridge, we hit the Coop (pronounced like a chicken coop... not co-op like it would be called in Oregon... weird!) and then we headed over to Simmons. We sat in their ball pit for forever and assured everyone on the dorm tours that passed by that it was, indeed, rather comfortable.

Then it was time for the closing ceremony/variety show. The a capella groups were amazing, and so was the juggling guy! Well, truth be told, all the acts were amazing. My dad was very impressed that the students actually had time to do other things, which was awesome because he was not such a huge fan of me wanting to pursue extracurriculars while at MIT. After the entertainment, Tess and I explored the athletic center for a little while. We didn't find the shiny new parts of the building, but we did find the squash courts!

We then decided that some dorm exploration was needed. We stepped inside Bexley, and decided that we didn't like it within about 5 seconds. On to the next one! Next was Baker. I wasn't sure about Baker, but we poked around on the different floors and I have to say that I think that's where I'd like to live at MIT. We stopped in at a couple of the other buildings on Dorm Row, but we both decided that we liked Baker and Simmons the most.

As we were walking back toward Baker, we noticed that all of the lights were flashing inside the building's windows. At first, I thought it was a hack or something (you never know!) but then we deduced that the fire alarm was going off. Soon, fire trucks and lots of people were out in front.
We met up with Stephen and wandered over to the Student Center. We sat in the lobby area for a good three hours (or maybe longer? I have no idea..) with some awesome kids from Kentucky. It was then time for more exploration of campus!

We found that video art installation (I forget which building it was in) and watched it 50 million times just so we could laugh at the Rick Astley video that played after the Onion-peeling video played three or four times. Then we explored part of the tunnel system and ended up in the Ford building (building 19). Their benches may look uncomfortable, but those wavy things are awesome. At this point it was about 4:30 AM. West coast kids for the win! We headed back over to Burton-Connor when Baker's fire alarm went off again. It was kind of amusing to watch a lot of zombie-like people pour out of Baker while the housing staff tried to figure out why the drill hadn't been turned off.

It was a lot of fun wandering around MIT at 5 AM - I'm not going to lie. Except Stephen missed his flight the next morning. Sorry, Stephen! :(

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