19 April 2008

Thursday: Let the Adventures Begin!

We took the T from Braintree, where we had stayed Wednesday night, to the MIT stop. Emerging from the wonderfulness that is the T, my dad and I found ourselves on the MIT campus. I fought the urge to freak out and called my host, Tayina, because I had no clue where we were in respect to everything else on campus. Luckily, she's amazing at giving directions and soon I was checking my luggage in at the Student Center. Registration went smoothly - I was informed by one person that I was in the perfect state with my last name (it's Kennedy) which I thought was pretty funny. The folder I was given was chock-full of amazing things, like a TechCash card preloaded with $20.12 (clever, no?) and a Bible. No, not the kind with religious writings. It was the kind with a schedule. Just like what we get at FFA Conventions! It was a rather fat booklet, and there were fifty million things to do, as well as a handy map.

While I was trying to figure out just what was contained in that magical booklet, my dad pointed out that my friend Tess was over at the registration booth! I ran over and kind of attacked her (sorry about that!) because I was so excited. Tess was talking to an admissions staff member, and I just kind of hung out for a second. And that's when I realized that it was Macgregor, who had called my house about CPW travel stuff, and I guess he had read my application too! I was rather excited and introduced myself. He was shocked to learn that Tess and I knew each other from a Society for Range Management conference, and he then informed me that pictures of sheep, goats and pigs had been taped to my file. Which I think is awesome. He also informed me that I had a nickname in the admissions office (do they really have time for that?). After assuring him that I had far worse nicknames than anything they could come up with, I learned that I am known as "Goat Girl." (Sidenote: this really isn't all that random - I've shown a goat a fair before and it was on my application)

Tess headed over to Simmons with her host, and I went to Burton-Connor to meet my host. Burton-Connor was... interesting. I don't know if I like the whole suite-setup. My host had a Spanish class, and I hate Spanish, so I decided to wander around campus for a little while. I lugged my suitcase and sleeping bag over to BC and then found my dad again. We wandered around, I tried to stop impending hyperventilation and then we went to our financial aid appointment. Pretty much, the financial aid people at MIT are amazing. I still don't even have an estimate of what my family's going to have to fork over for an MIT education, but they were so nice and helpful!


Things discovered when wandering around campus:
-The "In case of zombie attack..." hack (Just a quick note: That is one wimpy chainsaw.)
-The apple tree descended from Newton's famed apple tree
-Stata Center!
After a dinner at my host's sorority, and the CPW Opening Welcome, more fun followed!
At the CPW Festival, we had a miniature Oregon-party. Stephen, Brian and I all met in person, which was neat. After sitting and chatting for a while, the exploration of campus began.

It was decided that a trip to the awesome Engineering Library (blogged about here by Snively) was in order. Unfortunately, it was closed. Here's a picture of Stephen to prove it:
Mostly, we just wandered around the hallways and I just learned a bajillion things I didn't know about MIT from Stephen. It was highly educational.

Here are some of the things we came across:
-The Toy Lab! We couldn't really see inside though...
-Lots of Liguid Nitrogen! And I mean lots. You could hardly walk down a hallway without seeing at least five tanks of the stuff.
-Many labs with radioactive materials warnings!
-A giant slide rule on the wall in Stata! I was pretty much a fan.

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